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Specialist mortgage advice for Limited Company Directors.

  • Hundreds of happy customers throughout the UK.
  • Unlock access to over 50 lenders, specialist criteria and exclusive deals.
  • Mortgages approved based on directors salary, dividends or share of net profits.

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Limited Company Director Mortgage Advice.

  • Hundreds of happy customers throughout the UK.
  • Unlock access to over 50 lenders, specialist criteria and exclusive deals.
  • Mortgages approved based on directors salary, dividends or share of net profits.

Get in touch and find out how our specialists can help today.

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The interenet is not a completely secure medium, so we can't guarnatee the privacy of your data.

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The interenet is not a completely secure medium, so we can't guarnatee the privacy of your data.

Why we’re Limited Company Director Experts

If you’re reading this as a Limited Company Director, and you hold a 20%+ share in your own business, then you might be struggling to find a suitable mortgage right now. We can help.

Often, directors find it difficult to borrow sufficiently because many banks ignore their company profits and base lending decisions on salary and dividend income alone.

At Exley Financial Planning, our Ltd Director experts are Company Directors themselves. We can calculate your borrowing capacity on the basis of your dividends, salary or retained net profits within your business. 

Some less experienced advisers may suggest you need draw your profits from the company as dividends, or pay yourself a higher salary to boost your mortgage chances. We say this can result in higher tax burdens and is often not necesarry.

We encourage our clients to make business and tax decisions for business and tax reasons, not for mortgage reasons. We’ll then seek to base your mortgage income assessment on the money you could have drawn from the business, but chose not to.  

At Exley Financial Planning, we help company directors access the same market beating rates as someone who is an employee.

Our clients often:

  • Need help understanding the different ways their income can be presented to a lender.
  • Choose not to draw all of their company profits.
  • Have fluctuating income.
  • Have switched from a sole trader, or employee to a limited company director in the same industry.

Why choose us?

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Unlock access to specialist criteria made just for limited company directors like you.

Our advisers are experts in helping Limited Company Director's acheive their financial objectives.

Questions we’re asked by directors like you:

I set up my own LTD company. Do I apply as employed and present my payslips, or do I attempt to get a directors mortgage?

If you have a shareholding of over 20% in your business, it’s unlikely you’ll get a mortgage based solely on your payslips. Therefore you’ll need to get a directors mortgage.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up paying a higher rate, but you will be subject to an extra level of scrutiny. Your business and personal tax returns will be requested by the lender and your assessable income will either be your average salary + dividends, or salary + share of net profits.

Do I need to top up my directors salary with a dividend to get to borrow what I need?

No. You do not have to do this, although some lenders will only assess income based on your historic dividend payments, others will assess your income based on the profits of the business. This means you needn’t pay dividend tax on an income to boost your borrowing capacity. 

What's the best way to be paid as a company director, in terms of mortgage applications?

If you take nothing else away from this page today, let it be this. Take advice from your accountant on what income structure is best for you from a tax perspective, and your business.

If your business is healthy, and you can sustain mortgage payments based on the income it generates, we’re confident you’ll be able to get a competitive mortgage however you get paid.

Do I need Ltd accounts to be signed off by a chartered accountant in order to get a mortgage as a director?

No, this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is recommended. Some lenders will look at how much salary and dividend you’ve paid tax on based on your personal tax returns alone.

I've got bad credit. Can I still get a mortgage as a company director?

In most cases, yes. If your business is healthy, and your income is adequate and sustainable, your chances of getting a mortgage will be similar to someone with a like credit situation who is an employee.

Can I draw money from the business to pay for a deposit?

Yes, you typically can do this, provided there’s no liability to repay it. Speak to your accountant before doing this to thrash out the tax implications. You’ll also have to ensure that this withdrawal doesn’t impact the sustainability of your business to continue to produce income. 

My recent years profits have increased. Can I get a mortgage based on these alone?

Yes, it is possible to borrow based on your most recent years net profits in really well presented cases.

However, the jump in income needs to be considered as sustainable and realistic moving forward, so be prepared to produce evidence or further documents from your accountant to support this. For most cases the starting point would be to take an average of your income over the past 3 years. 

Will lenders needs to see my company bank statements. What will they be looking for?

Yes, be prepared to provide these. Lenders will want to see that your recent business performance is in line with the average annual income you’ve declared on your application.

I'm in the process of switching from self employed to a LTD company director on the advice of my accountant. Has this scuppered by mortgage chances?

No, you may still qualify for competitive rates. Provided you are continuing the same business, and the only real change is the name and legal structure, then it could be possible to use your previous 2 years self employed income evidence in order to get a mortgage approved. 

I've recently completed a buy out and now own 30% of the company. Prior to that, I've been an employee for 3 years. Will I need to have 2 years experience as a shareholder before getting a mortgage?

No. Where there’s enough information to assess the viability of the business, it is possible to assess your average income over a period of 2-3 years. This can even be considered prior to completing your first year as a company director. 

What are people saying?

sam tapsell
sam tapsell
17:17 11 Mar 24
Chris has been super helpful, always provided honest advice tailored to my situations. Highly recommend!
Ann-Marie Jones
Ann-Marie Jones
17:47 18 Jan 24
Highly recommend Chris at Exley Financial Planning. He was really helpful and has walked through each stage carefully with patience and helped secure us a better rate on our mortgage.
Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
20:21 18 Jul 23
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris now for over 6 years. He’s arranged my last three mortgages for me successfully. I’ve always found Chris to be highly efficient, and clear and open in all of his communications. He’s also taken the time to explain my options and be at the end of a phone. I trust him implicitly and would recommend him to anyone looking for sound financial advice and support regarding money matters.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams
16:37 18 May 23
Couldn't recommend a better financial planning advisor.Chris's help, advice and knowledge base was second to none.
Deborah N
Deborah N
11:41 18 May 23
Chris was outstanding. His service was attentive, comprehensive and he displayed an impressive knowledge of his field. He was always easy to contact, friendly and returned calls and messages promptly. His help was invaluable. We are incredibly grateful for all his assistance and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.
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Once we’ve gone over the deal  with you in full, we’ll tailor it to your circumstances. Then we’ll start work on getting it approved with the lender.

We’ll keep you updated, and continue to be available to you throughout the process. If you need help with other aspects of the house purchase or remortgage process, we can help with referrals to other experts.

4. We take care of your insurance too.

As part of your new mortgage, you’ll need to have buildings insurance.

Maintaining mortgage repayments for the whole term is a pretty big responsibility too, so we’ll assess what arrangements you have in place should your income drop in the future as a result of sickness, death or ill heath. If these arrangements are not adequate, we’ll help you put a plan in place to protect the financial future of you and your family. 

About our Team:

Chris Exley (DipFA, CeMAP)

Chris spent 5+ years learning all there is to know about the legal industry before switching to financial services. When it comes to mortgages, Chris is a bit of a geek. He relishes the challenge of a complex case. Chris is also a qualified to give investment advice. 

Peter Exley (DipPFS, CeMAP)

Peter has worked in financial services for decades, including with some big names such as Zurich Advice Network. Peter is the resident expert in complex investments, but is also qualified to give mortgage advice. 

Louise Hartree

Louise is our friendly and experienced client relationship manager. She works hard to keep our systems running smoothly and stays in touch with our investment clients regularly with updates and reports.

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The interenet is not a completely secure medium, so we can't guarnatee the privacy of your data.