Expert Life Insurance Advice in Cardiff and Beyond.

  • Your insurance package is as unique as you are - we don't do one size fits all.
  • Protect your financial future with leading life insurance, serious illness and income protection deals.
  • Get in touch today and find out how we can help you.


Expert Life Insurance Advice in Cardiff and Beyond.

  • Your insurance package is as unique as you are - we don't do one size fits all.
  • Protect your financial future with leading life insurance, serious illness and income protection deals.
  • Get in touch today and find out how we can help you.

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What we do

At Exley Financial Planning we recognise that financial loss brought about by illness or death can ruin even the best thought out financial plan.  We help you to identify areas where insurance could help ensure you and your family are financially secure, no matter what happens. 

We arrange the following types of insurance:

  • Life and Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Relevant Life and insurance for business owners
  • Insurance for people with long term medical conditions

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4 Reasons You Should Speak To Us About Insurance:

We're don't just compare products, we give guaranteed advice.

When you arrange insurance yourself, or online, you probably won’t get advice.

Choosing the wrong product, or making a mistake in your application could result in your policy not paying out and all those premiums being wasted.

Our experts give advice not just on which provider to use, but how much cover you should get and how long for.

What’s more, our advice is fully regulated and insured by our partner – Openwork, so you have confidence your policy will pay out if you need it.


We read the small print

Let’s be honest, not many of us read the small print. Often life insurance terms and conditions can run to 100s of pages.

When it comes to insurance, the small print is the difference between a plan paying out, and not paying out. For example, will your life insurance pay out if you diagnosed with incurable stage 4 cancer?

Our experts have read the terms and conditions in full, and we’ll translate these into plain English.


Solutions for people who find it difficult to get cover.

People come in all different shapes and sizes.

Our experts can place cases where you have long term health conditions or other issues that make it difficult to get insured.

Sometimes your occupation or hobbies can make getting cover difficult too. Rest assured, we’ve probably seen it before and we know just where to go.


Insurance policies for almost any scenario.

We’ve partnered with a number of providers to make sure we can help in a whole range of scenarios.

Anything from breaking your little toe to death of an employee, we can get you covered.

Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Accident Protection, Relevant Life Insurance, Business Protection and more. 


What are people saying?

Alison Simpson
Alison Simpson
16:35 04 Oct 23
Chris is not only friendly but also highly professional. He consistently made himself available to address my queries and concerns, making the mortgage process less stressful.In an economic climate where securing a favourable mortgage rate can be daunting, Chris proved his expertise by securing me the best rate available.I wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a mortgage broker who is not only personable but also skilled, dedicated, and capable of delivering results. Thank you, Chris, for your invaluable support and assistance!
Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
20:21 18 Jul 23
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris now for over 6 years. He’s arranged my last three mortgages for me successfully. I’ve always found Chris to be highly efficient, and clear and open in all of his communications. He’s also taken the time to explain my options and be at the end of a phone. I trust him implicitly and would recommend him to anyone looking for sound financial advice and support regarding money matters.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams
16:37 18 May 23
Couldn't recommend a better financial planning advisor.Chris's help, advice and knowledge base was second to none.
Deborah N
Deborah N
11:41 18 May 23
Chris was outstanding. His service was attentive, comprehensive and he displayed an impressive knowledge of his field. He was always easy to contact, friendly and returned calls and messages promptly. His help was invaluable. We are incredibly grateful for all his assistance and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.
Jay Probert
Jay Probert
12:02 07 Jul 22
Chris was referred to my wife an i by a neighbour. Despite conducting all communication online (emails/MS Teams calls) at all times Chris has remained personable and responsive. My wife and i are far from experts in this field but Chris' calming approach to the process has been most reassuring and would strongly recommend his services to others. Thanks Chris.
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Questions we’re asked. 

Why do I need insurance?

An event like death or serious illness can ruin even the best thought out financial plan.

When you die, your debts do not disappear – responsibility for repaying them passes to someone else. Similarly, if your income stops, or you become seriously ill, life goes on, and you still need to pay the bills.

Many of us have a partner, children, or someone else that relies on us to get by. Getting the right insurance means they’ll be financially secure if your income is disrupted.

For businesses, the loss of a key person can cause irreversible damage. 

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a contract whereby you pay the insurance company a premium (normally monthly). In return, the insurance company will pay out a (normally tax free) lump sum, or income when the insured person dies.

What is critical illness insurance?

Like life insurance, critical illness insurance is a contract whereby you pay an insurance company a monthly premium. In return, if you suffer a specified medical condition (most commonly a heart attack or stroke), or diseases like cancer or multiple sclerosis, the plan will pay out a (normally tax free) lump sum or income. Specified conditions are detailed at outset in the terms and conditions

What is income protection insurance?

Typically, income protection will pay out up to 60% of your income (normally tax free), should you be unable to work due to illness or injury. It will normally continue paying an income until you return to work, die or the plan ends (normally your planned retirement age)whichever comes first. Budget plans are available which pay out an income for a maximum of one or two years.


What is the difference between terminal illness cover and critical illness cover?

Many life insurance policies include terminal illness cover. This pays out when you have been diagnosed with an illness which will likely cause death within the near future (generally within 12 months).

The definition of a critical illness is wider. A critical illness policy will pay out if you experience a life changing illness as specified in the policy. A critical illness will not always lead to death. Critical illness plans are more likely to pay out than terminal illness plans.

You've got offices in Usk and Cardiff, but can you help me remotely?

Yes, our systems are designed so that we can give advice remotely. Although most of our clients live in the South Wales area, we’ve helped customers all over the UK.

About our Team:

Chris Exley (DipFA, CeMAP)

Chris spent 5+ years learning all there is to know about the legal industry before switching to financial services. When it comes to mortgages, Chris is a bit of a geek. He relishes the challenge of a complex case. Chris is also a qualified to give investment advice. 

Peter Exley (DipPFS, CeMAP)

Peter has worked in financial services for decades, including with some big names such as Zurich Advice Network. Peter is the resident expert in complex investments, but is also qualified to give mortgage advice. 

Louise Hartree

Louise is our friendly and experienced client relationship manager. She works hard to keep our systems running smoothly and stays in touch with our investment clients regularly with updates and reports.

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The interenet is not a completely secure medium, so we can't guarnatee the privacy of your data.